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How to add Fanatiz on Roku?
How to add Fanatiz on Roku?
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Welcome to Fanatiz in your Roku! You can download Fanatiz straight from the Channel Store to your Roku device.

How do I add Fanatiz to my Roku?

1. Browse to the Channel Store.

2. Go to the "Movies and TV" category. In more recent Roku versions you can find it under the "Sports" category.
3. Select Fanatiz.
4. Click on "Add Channel".
5. Click on "Go to channel".

6. Log In with username and password.
7. You can now enjoy Fanatiz in your Roku!

If you are not subscribed to our platform, you can find more information about all the possible ways you can join Fanatiz here. Once you're subscribed, you can access all the content available for your area via Roku!

In what Roku versions is Fanatiz available?

Fanatiz is available on all Roku versions starting from Roku 3 onwards. Remember that Fanatiz may not be available on TVs with Roku Channel Store integrated.

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